Digital Abuse in Kashmir: Not Safe Online

Digital Abuse in Kashmir: A growing concern

Ground Report | New Delhi: Online Harassment in Kashmir; Dua (name changed) was scrolling down her Instagram when she suddenly received a DM. When she opened the message her shock knew no bounds. It have been years now since social media took over the globe like a storm. Every day people came up with new … Read more

Who is Prof Tapan Mohanty of NLIU Bhopal facing sexual harassment charges?

Who is Prof Tapan Mohanty of NLIU Bhopal facing sexual harassment charges

Ground Report | New Delhi: Who is Prof Tapan Mohanty; More than 100 students from the National Institute of Law University (NLIU) reported that the dean, Prof. Tapan Ranjan Mohanty, has been sending obscene messages and videos. Some of the student leaders had approached Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan with the complaint about the whole … Read more

What is Harvard’s Prof John Camaroff sexual harassment case?

What is Harvard's Prof John Camaroff sexual harassment case

Ground Report | New Delhi: Harvard sexual harassment case; Professor John Comaroff is accused of sexually abusing students over several years, conduct that the university tolerated. A Harvard doctoral student, Margarita Czerwienski, together with two other colleagues, filed a lawsuit against that American university “for its indifference to the pattern of harassment and retaliation of … Read more