What should you do with the Pumpkin lanterns post Halloween?

pumpkin disposal environment friendly

The first picture that pops up in people’s mind when they hear the name of Halloween is that of Pumpkin Lanterns. People carve out Pumpkin in their homes and make scary faces on it. Inside it is lit with candles and bulbs. But the use of pumpkin in such a large number also harms the … Read more

How is Halloween celebrated in different countries around the world?

halloween across the world

Halloween is one of the favourite nights for many people since its gloomy atmosphere is very popular within the so-called ‘spooky season. And of course, each community has its own style of celebrating such a particular festivity. Let’s have a look how Halloween celebrated across the world. Hallows’ Eve in Romania Bran Castle, located in … Read more

The Best Of The Best Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween Costume Ideas; As October 31 approaches, are you still looking for the perfect Cosplay Costumes for you? Well, don’t worry! I can provide you with Halloween costume ideas. Whether you like superheroes, animation, or movies, CosplayLab always has great costumes for you. So even if you wait until the last minute, you’ll still have … Read more