Heatwave in Kashmir spells difficult future for pastoralists

Climate Change impacts: Kashmir's agri and horti sectors at risk

This year, the annual migration of Gujjars and Bakarwals to green pastures in Kashmir has not been routine. Usually, the two pastoralist communities spend November to April in Jammu, and May to October in Kashmir, but soaring heat forced them to leave Jammu early this year. Arriving at the Banihal Pass in Kashmir late in March, Fula … Read more

Convergence Of Gujjar, Bakarwal and Kashmiris

Convergence Of Gujjar, Bakarwal and Kashmiris

Gujjars being predominantly semi-nomadic and half-settled, Bakarwals happen to be the real ‘rolling stones’. Both descend down towards lowland pastures and plains from Greater Himalayas (Gujjars) and lower Siwalik ranges (Bakarwals) for more than transhumance.  This seasonal resettling in and around the local Kashmiri habitations facilitates the mixing up of the three ethnicities; Kashmiris, Gujjars, … Read more