Climate Change: World’s glaciers melting faster than expected

Climate Change: World's glaciers melting faster than expected

In the remainder of the century and if urgent measures are not taken to stop global warming, a minimum of 60% of the glaciers of the entire globe could disappear before 2100. This 60% loss is estimated in the best of cases, with an increase of 1.5ºC in temperature, less than the 2.7ºC average global … Read more

Gangotri Glacier Melting: Climate change is catching up

Sea level rise is 'inevitable' due to Greenland melting

The average rate of retreat of the largest glacier in Uttarakhand, about 30 kilometres long, between 0.5 and 2.5 kilometres wide and with an area of ​​143 square kilometres, was 20 meters a year between 1935 and 1996, but the melting increased to 38 meters per year. Gangotri Glacier Melting During the last decade, the … Read more