‘Groundwater storage in Ganga basin declining 2.6 cm per year’

Long-term groundwater storage in Ganga basin declining at 2.6 cm per year: Study

The groundwater storage level in the Ganges basin has been declining by 2.6 cm per year. Its effect can be clearly seen in Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi. The average decline in storage in Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal was estimated to be 2 cm per year, 1 cm per year, and 0.6 cm per … Read more

Ganga water pollution: Ganga is now a source of cancer

Explained: What is Environmental Racism and How can we fight it?

Despite being considered purifying and healing by millions of Hindus, the truth is that the waters of the Gange are so polluted that they have caused more than 50,000 cases of pancreatic cancer, among other diseases, in the population of northern India. Ganga water pollution This is revealed by a recent Indo-Japanese study conducted among … Read more

Shav-Vahini Ganga: Parul Khakkar’s poem and controversy

More than 31,000 people have commented on her poem, which he wrote on Facebook Ground Report | New Delhi: Controversy over Shav Vahini Ganga: The second wave of Covid19 infection has hit the country and the Modi government has failed to deal with the Corona crisis. Uttar Pradesh and the central government have come under … Read more