Freshwater demand to outstrip supply by 40% by 2030: Report

World Water Day 2023: History, significance and theme

A few days before the start of the United Nations Conference on Water 2023, a historical report on the economy of water is known that paints a rather complex picture. We face the prospect of a 40% shortfall in freshwater supply by 2030, the researchers say.  The crisis has already pushed entire communities and regions of the Global … Read more

The 10 countries with largest freshwater reserves in the world

Top 10 countries with the cleanest drinking water in the world

70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by water, so it is no coincidence that people traditionally speak of the “blue planet”. However, the fact that the liquid element is critical for the survival of all living organisms, of the estimated 1,386 million cubic kilometres of water reserves on Earth, 97.5% is salt water. Water … Read more