Freedom of press and the tools of suppression: India

Every four days a journalist was killed in 2022: UNESCO report

Our liberty depends on the freedom of press and that cannot be limited without being lost – Thomas Jefferson The freedom of the press or the media is one of the most fundamental rights and as Jefferson says our liberty depends on it. It is closely linked with freedom of speech. This one freedom has … Read more

Freedom House report ‘part of anti-India agenda’: BJP

राजस्थान निकाय चुनाव

Freedom House, one of the world’s leading watchdogs on democracy, in its latest report in 2021 downgraded India from being an “independent country” to a “slightly independent” country. BJP leader Rakesh Sinha termed it as anti-India agenda. Freedom House is an independent non-governmental organization that conducts research on democracy, but it is also funded by … Read more

India drop from ‘Free’ to ‘Partly Free’ in freedom index

Agricultural laws withdrawal Key points; Sacrifice paid off says opposition 

A leading American think tank has downgraded India to democracy and freedom, calling it a “partly free” country. Freedom House, a leading US government-sponsored organization, cited the worst human rights situation under Narendra Modi’s rule, degrading Indian independence and democracy and making it a “partly free” country. For the first time in almost 25 years, … Read more