Qayamat in Turkey: After earthquakes devastating flash floods hit country

Qayamat in Turkey: After earthquakes devastating flash floods hit country

Flash floods triggered by heavy rains have hit the provinces of Adiyaman and Sanliurfa in Turkey, causing devastation for thousands of people who were already homeless due to the catastrophic earthquake last month. The floods have killed at least 14 people, with several still missing, and have turned streets into rivers, swept away cars, and … Read more

India, Pakistan among most exposed to flooding by glacial lakes

India, Pakistan among most exposed to flooding by glacial lakes

Some fifteen million people worldwide could be threatened by sudden overflows of glacial lakes, and the most exposed are the populations of the high mountains of Asia (India, Pakistan and China) and the Andes (Peru and Bolivia). Flooding by glacial lakes More than half of those fifteen million people exposed to this potential risk are … Read more

New Zealand floods: What is situation in Auckland?

New Zealand floods: What is situation in Auckland?

The death toll in New Zealand from heavy rain has risen to four as flash flooding and mudslides on the North Island continued for a third day. New Zealand authorities declared a state of emergency on Friday in the country’s largest city, Auckland, after flooding brought torrential rains to the country. “This statement reflects the … Read more

La Niña to continue into early 2023, prolonging drought, flooding

Drought in South America is not due to climate change, study finds

The floods and droughts caused by the La Niña Phenomenon in the world could last until March 2023, according to a recent alert from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Global Seasonal Climate Forecast The Organization indicates that there is a 75% probability that La Niña will persist during December 2022 and February 2023, and a … Read more

Floods displace 19 million children in past three months

The 10 most expensive extreme weather events of 2022

The latest report by Save The Children and the Free University of Brussels, titled “Generation Hope: 2.4 billion reasons to end the global climate and inequality crisis,” found that 774 million children face a triple threat from high climate risk, poverty and conflict. Floods displace 19 million children The lives of no less than 19 … Read more

What is Hurricane Ian, Here’s what Ian looks like in Florida

What is Hurricane Ian, Here's what Ian looks like in Carolina

After strengthening in the Atlantic Ocean, Ian made landfall Friday as a Category 1 hurricane in the coastal city of Georgetown, South Carolina, where tens of thousands of people are without power. This is the second time that Ian has made landfall in the United States, this time with sustained winds of about 140 km/hour, … Read more

Sehore Heavy Rains: 48 घंटों से लगातार बारिश, कई जगह बिजली गुल

sehore floods heavy rain

सीहोर शहर में पिछले 48 घंटे से लगातार बारिश हो रही है। यहां बारिश के साथ तेज़ आंधी भी आई जिसकी वजह से शहर में जनजीवन अस्तव्यस्त हो गया। प्रशासन ने एहतीयातन दो दिनों के लिए स्कूलों की भी छुट्टी कर दी थी। बारिश की वजह से शहर में कई घंटों तक बिजली भी गुल … Read more

How Hindu community is helping flood victims in Balochistan?

Insufficient promised emissions cuts lead to climate breakdown

Intermittent rains continued to pummel most of Balochistan on Sunday as authorities scrambled to rescue the thousands left displaced by flooding in more than a dozen districts and rehabilitation as the death toll from monsoon rains and flash flooding across the country reached 320. Mahendra Kumar, president of the Hare Krishna Nushki Welfare Society, decided … Read more