Extreme weather: Devastating floods in South Korea, these towns are affected

Extreme weather: Devastating floods in South Korea, these towns are affected

Heavy downpours battered South Korea for the ninth straight day Monday as rescue workers tried to search for survivors of landslides, mudslides and drowned vehicles in the most destructive storm to hit the country this year. Heavy rains began to hit the country on July 9, leading to at least 40 deaths, 34 injuries, and … Read more

Zaragoza, Spain: Powerful storm triggers major flooding, Cars swept away, residents trapped

Zaragoza, Spain: Powerful storm triggers major flooding, Cars swept away, residents trapped

In the months of May, June and July in Spain, rains and storms are dominating the scene. The unstable climate is causing serious repercussions in different regions, including Zaragoza. Last Thursday afternoon, July 6, the city experienced an intense storm that unleashed chaos in the Aragonese capital. On Thursday, a powerful supercell storm swept across … Read more

La Niña to continue into early 2023, prolonging drought, flooding

Drought in South America is not due to climate change, study finds

The floods and droughts caused by the La Niña Phenomenon in the world could last until March 2023, according to a recent alert from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Global Seasonal Climate Forecast The Organization indicates that there is a 75% probability that La Niña will persist during December 2022 and February 2023, and a … Read more

What is Hurricane Ian, Here’s what Ian looks like in Florida

What is Hurricane Ian, Here's what Ian looks like in Carolina

After strengthening in the Atlantic Ocean, Ian made landfall Friday as a Category 1 hurricane in the coastal city of Georgetown, South Carolina, where tens of thousands of people are without power. This is the second time that Ian has made landfall in the United States, this time with sustained winds of about 140 km/hour, … Read more

How Hindu community is helping flood victims in Balochistan?

Insufficient promised emissions cuts lead to climate breakdown

Intermittent rains continued to pummel most of Balochistan on Sunday as authorities scrambled to rescue the thousands left displaced by flooding in more than a dozen districts and rehabilitation as the death toll from monsoon rains and flash flooding across the country reached 320. Mahendra Kumar, president of the Hare Krishna Nushki Welfare Society, decided … Read more

1 in 4 of world’s population at risk from severe flooding

1 in 4 of world's population at risk from severe flooding

Nearly a quarter of the world’s population is exposed to significant flood risks, according to new research published Tuesday, which warns that people in poorer countries are more vulnerable. Floods from heavy rains and storm surges affect millions of people each year and cause billions of dollars in damage to homes, infrastructure and economies. And … Read more

Migrations due to floods will grow by 50%

Floods have increased by 134% in 20 years

Ground Report | New Delhi: Migrations due to floods; Climate migration represents an expanding phenomenon that is none other than the flight of certain groups of people from their places of residence forced by the constant natural dangers that threaten them by the new climate paradigm. A paradigm marked by droughts, floods, or torrential rains … Read more

Floods affect 90% of people in Asia

Floods affect 90% of people

Ground Report | New Delhi: Floods affect 90% of people; Asia is the most flood-affected region in the world. If compared with the whole world, 90 percent of the total population affected by floods live in Asia, according to the latest research of Nature Reviews Earth and Environment. Based on long-term averages, it is found that … Read more

Climate Change is Real: The world is flooding

India, among the ten most affected by climate change

Ground Report | New Delhi: Climate Change is Real; Coastal areas around the world are at risk of flooding from rising sea levels, and the culprit is global warming caused by climate change.  Floods and landslides are common during India’s monsoon season between June and September, although the conditions are not unpredictable, the magnitude is … Read more

Floods will affect 145 million people by 2030, India will be worst affected

Floods will affect 145 million people

Ground Report | New Delhi: Floods will affect 145 million people; Human action, in general, has increased the risk of flooding since the 1980s in many regions of the world, such as Great Britain, which recently suffered a serious episode, or Spain, whose Mediterranean coast is highly exposed to these phenomena. The World Resources Institute … Read more