Groundreport Impact: Govt. directs Police to register case against fraudulent NGO

Wahid Bhat |Srinagar After the expose done by about a group namely Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf- masquerading as an NGO, the government on Wednesday issued directions to Senior Superintendent of Police Crime Branch to investigate the matter and file a complaint against the fraudulent organisation in question. The order that has been issued … Read more

Part 03: Fake NGO duped it’s employees too, alleges staff

After exposed fake NGO Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf, some of the employees of Jammu and Kashmir Qaumi Insaaf alleged that the NGO has duped them also as the NGO has refused to pay them salaries. While speaking to, one of the employee of th NGO said, “I joined the NGO office in … Read more