What should you do before, during, and after an Earthquake?

What should you do before, during, and after an Earthquake?

A 6.8 magnitude earthquake hit regions spanning across Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, and China. The epicenter of the quake is located in the region between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The tremors were caught on camera as they were felt in Lahore. An earthquake is a natural disaster that can strike without warning, causing widespread damage and loss … Read more

New earthquake shakes Hatay, Why so many earthquakes hit Turkey?

SSGEOS predicts strong earthquake aftershock in Turkey

A new earthquake of magnitude 6.4 shook the Turkish province of Hatay, devastated by a strong tremor that occurred on February 6 that left a balance of 41,000 deaths. Three people died this Monday as a result of the latest movement, while there are more than 700 injured. The tremor, with its epicentre south of … Read more

Top 10 most deadliest earthquake ever

10 deadliest earthquakes ever

Earthquakes are one of the most deadly natural disasters. This powerful geological movement taking place within the earth has killed millions of people so far. One look at the deadliest earthquakes ever. A 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and Syria early Monday, toppling hundreds of buildings and killing 1,300 people. Hundreds of people were believed … Read more

Earthquake of 4.2 magnitude; tremors felt in Delhi-NCR


Earthquake tremors were felt in the scorching cold in Delhi. These tremors were also felt in Delhi and NCR. The magnitude of the earthquake on the Richter scale was 4.2. The tremors were felt around 11:45 pm on Thursday night.  The tremors were so intense that people felt fear and people ran into the streets. Not only Delhi these … Read more

Earthquake of magnitude 7.0 hits western Turkey

A 7.0-magnitude earthquake hit the Aegean Sea on Friday afternoon, jolting western Turkey and destroying buildings in coastal cities there. There are reports of several buildings being demolished in the Turkish city of Izmir due to a powerful earthquake. Izmir is the third largest city of Turkey. According to the Mayor of Izmir, there are reports … Read more