New drone policy: Everything you need to know

New drone policy

Ground Report | New Delhi: New drone policy; The new drone rules have been called the Liberalized Drone Rules, 2021. The central government on Thursday announced to liberalize the rules for flying drones. The Civil Aviation Ministry has issued detailed rules in this regard on Thursday. The government claims that the new rules have been liberalized … Read more

India raised issue of drone activities in Jammu with Pakistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: India raised issue; India raised the issue of drone activities in Jammu with Pakistan during the meeting of the Border Security Forces. According to BSF officials, in this meeting of the Sector Commander level of the Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers, India also expressed strong objection to the drone … Read more

Drone carrying 5 kg IED material shot down in Jammu

Drone carrying 5 kg IED

Ground Report | New Delhi: Drone carrying 5 kg IED; In a major development, the Jammu and Kashmir Police on Friday shot down an airborne object carrying an IED weighing 5 kg in Jammu’s Kanachak area. Jammu district police received general information that a drone was sighted near the International Border of Kanachak after which … Read more