Cyclone Gabrielle is going to hit these cities, check live map

Cyclone Gabrielle is going to hit these cities, check live map

The effects of Cyclone Gabrielle already making themselves known, with power outages on Norfolk Island, which is located between the main island of Australia and New Zealand, before the arrival of a powerful cyclone today. The powerful tropical cyclone Gabrielle was heading towards the Australian island of Norfolk on Saturday, with its 2,000 residents being … Read more

What happens when cyclones and fire meet?

What happens when cyclones and fires meet?

Research published in Trends in Plant Science asks for the first time about the interactions between tropical cyclones and fires that affect biomes in many islands and coastal areas. One of their conclusions is that cyclone-induced tree damage can increase fuel loads on the ground and dryness, increasing the probability, intensity, and area of ​​fires. … Read more

Cyclone alert in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

Cyclone alert in Odisha and Andhra Pradesh

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cyclone alert in Odisha; Keeping in mind the forecast of the Meteorological Department regarding cyclonic storms in the Bay of Bengal, the coastal state of Odisha has put seven districts on high alert. The Meteorological Department has forecast that this cyclonic storm can move through the southern areas of Odisha … Read more

Meteorological Department warns of cyclone breakout

Meteorological Department expressed apprehensions by May 17 Ground Report | New Delhi: The Indian Meteorological Department, the epicenter of cyclone ‘Tokte’ is currently Lakshadweep, which is moving more vigorously on Saturday morning.  The cyclone is becoming stronger, its effect is in the southeastern and east-central Arabian Sea along with Lakshadweep. Surveillance on the beaches of southern … Read more

Cyclone Nivar is coming, Southern states expected to receive heavy rain

निवार तूफान और जलवायु परिवर्तन

Cyclone Nivar is coming, yes a heavy storm which is brewing in Bay of Bengal, is likely to hit Mamallapuram (Tamil Nadu) and Karaikal (Puducherry) on November 25. It is also expected to bring in heavy to extremely heavy rains in Rayalaseema and south coastal Andhra Pradesh districts on November 25 and 26. Visakhapatnam and East … Read more