People concerned about the ‘cyber volunteers’ of the MHA

People concerned about the 'cyber volunteers' of the MHA

Ground Report | New Delhi: Cyber volunteers of the MHA; Hindutva Watch, an account that posted incidents of Hindu intolerance, violence, and nationalism on Twitter, had been receiving dragging and abusive comments for long-time critical tweets of the government, but in April they were shocked when more than 26,000 accounts with more followers were closed. … Read more

India’s objectives in ORF (CyFy) meet, 2021

India's objectives in ORF (Cyfy) meet, 2021...

Ground Report | New Delhi: India’s objectives in ORF; On Tuesday, 19 October, a part of the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) CyFy 2021 four days of the conference on tech-net and cyber security, with the key themes of Fy 2021, ‘The Big Pause: Reclaiming our Tech Futures. The event is being organized by the Observer … Read more

What are five biggest risks on internet in India

Ground Report Exclusive: Jammu and Kashmir internet broadband services restoration soon

A research by Microsoft has revealed that unwanted contact, unwanted sexting, hate language, trolling and rude behavior are the five biggest risks associated with internet usage in India. Let’s understand them. How risk Unwanted contact, unwanted sexting, hate language, trolling and rude behavior – these are the five biggest risks associated with using the Internet … Read more

Cyber Security: How secure India is?

The recent hacking of Twitter handles of famous personalities of US has brought back the question of cyber security in the digital world. On Wednesday, Twitter accounts of some people were hacked under a crypto currency scam. The affectd ones included former US President Barack Obama, runners for election Joe Biden Jr. and Kanye West, … Read more