What is a quantum computer? Why India wants to make such computers

What is a quantum computer

Ground Report | New Delhi: What is a quantum computer; In the times to come, quantum computing can effectively change the world and our lives. Realizing the importance of this new technology, the Government of India made a provision of 8 la crore rupees in the budget for the development of this technology last year. … Read more

Scientists have unraveled the world’s oldest ‘computer’

Scientists have redesigned a 2,000-year-old device, often called the world’s oldest computer. Researchers are still struggling to understand how it worked. This tool, called anti-catheter, has been bothering experts for many years. It was found in 1901 in a Roman-era sunken ship from Greece. ALSO READ: Delhi Becomes World’s Most Polluted Capital, Report Reveals This ancient Greek hand-powered … Read more