Discrimination against Muslims, Dalits and Adivasis in Healthcare

Discrimination against Adivasis in Healthcare

Ground Report | New Delhi: Discrimination against Adivasis in Healthcare; One-third of Muslims, more than 20 percent Dalits and tribals, and 30 percent of respondents in general, have no access to religion, caste, or health care due to illness or health conditions in hospitals. ALSO READ: Why Gurjar community protesting against Jewar Airport? Discrimination against … Read more

Most Indians opposed to marriage in other religions: Survey

Most Indians opposed to marriage in other religions

Ground Report | New Delhi: Most Indians opposed to marriage in other religions; A survey by American think-tank Pew Research Center has found that most people in India consider themselves and their country to be religiously tolerant, but they do not believe in inter-religious marriage. The majority of people from each community in the survey … Read more