10 most controversial films in history of cinema

10 most controversial films in history of cinema

Ground Report | New Delhi: Controversial films in history of cinema; There are films that have given much to talk about outside the movie theatres, films that, due to their scenes, interpretations or plot, have transcended the social sphere, generating great controversies and debates. Watch out for the most controversial movies in history according to Box … Read more

The piercing reality of racism: ‘Firaaq’

firaaq movie and our society

In the last 25-30 years, the ghost of communal strife has taken over our Indian society.  Hindus and Muslims look at each other with suspicion.  Apart from Hindus and Muslims, elements like Brahmins, Marathas, and Dalits in Hindu society are also seeing each other in the water.  It is unfortunate that our society is falling … Read more

Kashmir and its faded dreams of Cinema

Ground Report | New Delhi: Bollywood theater in Kashmir; They say that cinema is the mirror of society, but how to portray the ever-changing societal surrounding when cinema halls have been turned into bunkers and theatres into military checkposts in the name of safety and security of the nation. Kashmir, plagued by militancy since the … Read more