No More Sages: Youngsters in Ayurveda

Youngsters in Ayurveda

Youngsters in Ayurveda: The idea of balanced & healthy living has gained traction since the onset of the 21st century, thus popularising traditional & natural forms of medicine like Ayurveda. Often regarded as pseudoscience by western medicine, Ayurveda stands for a lot more. Rooted in history and science, the ancient practice is a combination of … Read more

Ancient Indians & Ayurveda

Ancient Indians & Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a holistic medicine practice that promotes overall mental and physical well-being. It is done in order to treat most modern diseases. Ayurveda was educated through generations till one wrote it in the Vedas. Many of these ancient texts have been lost to time. But many still exist. It is a pseudoscience that has … Read more

Role of Ayurveda in fighting the Pandemic

Role of Ayurveda in Fighting covid-19

Ayurveda in Pandemic: The outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been unusual and unprecedented in numerous ways, and it has posed a challenge to healthcare systems worldwide. The coronavirus pandemic has got global attention on the importance of a strong immune system, the body’s defence power against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other creatures that we … Read more