Know about London’s Elara Capital’s connection with Adani

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

London-based investment firm Elara Capital is reported to have connections to the Adani Group, and the Indian conglomerate itself is being watched by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, Financial News reports. Although the allegations mainly focus on group companies outside the UK, the FCA is investigating possible UK connections around Elara, according … Read more

Why Gautam Adani is paying loan of Rs 9000 crore before time?

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

Adani group companies developer to prepay $1.11 billion in loans ahead of maturity and release pledged shares in three companies amid a collapse in group shares following a report by US short-seller Hindenburg Research alleging fraud and manipulation against the promoter. The promoters of Adani Group are repaying the loan before the due date. The … Read more

Why Adani Group’s tender worth thousands crores cancelled by Yogi Govt?

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

The Adani group, which has been facing challenges on the stock market for ten days, has received a heavy blow from the Uttar Pradesh government. On January 24, after the American Forensic Financial Company Hindenburg made allegations related to financial irregularities in the Adani Group, the shares of its companies are continuously falling. According to … Read more

Know about Adani’s CFO Jugeshinder Singh?

Know about Adani’s CFO Jugeshinder Singh?

The Adani Group has accused Hindenburg Research of failing to conduct proper research and of “copying and pasting” the company’s disclosures. Adani Group CFO Jugeshinder Singh said that they either did not do a proper investigation or did a proper investigation but misled the public. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) may claim … Read more

What is short selling that erased $65 billion of Adani group in three days?

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

Most shares of Adani Group fell sharply on Monday as the Indian conglomerate’s rebuttal of criticism by an American short seller failed to appease investors, deepening a market slide that has now led to losses of $65 billion in value of group shares. Asia’s richest man Gautam Adani, the Indian group clashed with Hindenburg Research … Read more

Hindenburg reply to Adani: What has happened so far?

Meet six members of committee to investigate Adani-Hindenburg case

The Hindenburg Research responded to the Adani Group’s rebuttal of its accusations, calling it an “attempt to obfuscate by nationalism.” “The Adani Group has not even attempted to clarify its relationship with a Chinese national (Chang Chung-Ling), despite a plethora of ties,” the response added. In its latest statement, the short seller said the Adani … Read more

Know all about Shah Dhandharia & Co, CA firm which audits Adani group

Shah Dhandharia & Co, a CA firm that audits the Adani group

Back-to-back responses from the Adani Group with strong statements criticizing the Hindenburg report as malicious have failed to stem its stock market slide. However, Adani Enterprises, which launched its follow-on public offering (FPO) on Friday, and Adani Total Gas are audited by Shah Dhandharia & Co. In its 106-page report, Hindenburg claimed that a small … Read more

Hindenburg Effect: Adani slips to 7th position in the world’s richest list

What is Adani Group's North Korea connection?

Gautam Adani has slipped to seventh on Forbes’ real-time list of the world’s richest people, as the Adani Group companies have lost a combined market capitalization of $48 billion since Wednesday following the report of Hindenburg Research. According to the Forbes Real Times Billionaires Index, Adani’s wealth plummeted by more than $22.5 billion to $96.8 … Read more

What is Hindenburg research, and is the CIA behind it?

CIA behind Hindenburg report on adani

Shares of Adani Group companies fell sharply on Wednesday morning after activist investment firm Hindenburg Research revealed a short position against the conglomerate while accusing companies owned by the world’s third-richest person Gautam Adani of fraud. However, social media users alleged that the CIA is behind this research. In a report revealing its short position, … Read more

Who is Nathan Anderson, person behind Adani’s Hindenburg report?

Meet six members of committee to investigate Adani-Hindenburg case

Billionaire businessman Gautam Adani is no longer the world’s third-richest person after activist investment firm Hindenburg Research accused his conglomerate, Grupo Adani, of orchestrating fraud. The Hinderburg report created a stir, Gautam Adani lost ₹ 489993000000 in a day. Through a report, Hindenburg indicated that the companies of said conglomerate, belonging to the richest man in Asia, … Read more