1 in 10 species could go extinct by end of century

1 in 10 species could go extinct by end of century

We are going through a double climate crisis and biodiversity loss that threatens the well-being of all living beings. More than a tenth of Earth’s plant and animal species could become extinct by the end of the century if current emissions trends continue. Species could go extinct Cascading extinctions of species are inevitable. A new … Read more

Red List: 30% of species are threatened

30% of species are threatened

Ground Report | New Delhi: 30% of species are threatened; The world is experiencing a period of extinction not seen for more than 60 million years when a huge asteroid wiped out 75% of the planet’s species. To address and raise awareness about the problem, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the world’s … Read more

33 aquatic species worldwide at ‘high risk’ of invasion

33 aquatic species worldwide

Ground Report | New Delhi: 33 aquatic species worldwide; A worldwide threat assessment revealed that 33 water species are at risk of becoming invasive. According to the study, climate change has been blamed for the risk of becoming invasive.  Invasive species migrate and spread easily in many areas of the world. They can exert their dangerous influence in these … Read more