Survivor Series: ‘My Time Has Come’ The story of Undertaker

The Undertaker’s 30-year historic journey culminated in the WWE Survivor Series PPV. The Undertaker officially retired from WWE. The Undertaker’s Farewell was seen in Survivor Series PPV. The Undertaker, popularly known as Dadman, was last seen in this PPV and during this period many celebs also entered the ring.

Announcer announces The Undertaker’s departure in the ring. It was accompanied by Shane McMahon, Big Show, JBL, Jeff Hardy, Mick Foley, Godfather, Godwins, Savio Vega, Ricci, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Triple H and Kane. This was followed by a video package.

Vince McMann stood in the ring and cut the promo. He praised The Undertaker and looked emotional. He then called Taker and stepped into the ring making a brilliant entry. 

The Undertaker cut the promo and talked about his career. He also told that his time had come. During this time, the fans looking at the screen were shouting slogans of Thanks Taker.

The Undertaker posed for the trademark one last time after delivering his speech. The screen also featured a photo of Paul Bear. 

“For 30 long years, I’ve made that slow walk to this ring and have laid people to rest time and time again. And now my time has come. My time has come to let The Undertaker rest in peace,” The Undertaker said at the ThunderDome.

The Undertaker also appeared emotional during his departure. He gave his last pose in the stage area and then left. The Undertaker was last seen on Survivor Series on WWE television. Fans’ eyes were moist with The Undertaker’s departure.

Historical career stopped

The Undertaker would be considered as the most prolific superstar of professional wrestling and WWE. He made his debut in the 1990 Survivor Series PPV.

 During that time no one would have thought that Taker would one day become the greatest legend of WWE. He has won the World Championship 7 times in his WWE career.

He also holds the record for winning and winning the most matches in PPVs like WrestleMania, SummerSlam and Survivor Series. The Undertaker has achieved many major achievements in his 30-year-long career.