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Story of Archana Nag, Who honey-trapped politicians and celebrities

Story of Archana Nag; Even since female blackmailer Archana Nag was arrested for allegedly extorting many high-profile people, shocking

By Ground report
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Story of Archana Nag, Who honey-trapped politicians and celebrities

Even since female blackmailer Archana Nag was arrested for allegedly extorting many high-profile people, shocking details continue to surface every day.

The 26-year-old woman was recently arrested by Odisha police last week for blackmailing and extorting wealthy and influential people such as politicians, businessmen and film producers with threats to release photos and videos of their intimate moments.

Story of Archana Nag

Archana was reportedly born into a poor family in Kalahandi town in Kesinga and came to Bhubaneswar in 2015. In just about four years, she managed to acquire a wealth of around Rs 30 million which includes her palatial home with imported interior decorations, luxury cars, four tall breed dogs and a white horse.

Her husband, Jagabandhu, operated a used car showroom and knew wealthy people. Photos of the couple with influencers, including some MLAs, have sparked controversy after they went viral on social media.

Archana supposedly befriended wealthy and influential people and provided them with "female company". The police said that she would take pictures of these people with the women and then blackmail them for money.

Initially, she worked for a private security company and later allegedly ran a sex business under the guise of a beauty salon in Baramunda in the city. Archana and Jagabandhu's paths soon crossed and, driven by a desire to get rich quick, they found their calling in sextortion. She used to manage a grocery store in the Balasore district.

Duo got married in 2018

The duo got married in 2018 and started catching the rich and famous. Jagabandhu began to develop contacts with politicians, industrialists, and businessmen by presenting himself as a leading member of a particular party. He and Archana would take photos with them and then, luring them into their trap, shoot intimate videos through spy cameras and blackmail them.

In particular, Archana and her husband made quick money by shooting sex videos of influencers and blackmailing them. However, her plan to catch film producer Akshay Parija backfired and she ended up behind bars.

BJP leader made explosive statement

The opposition, including the BJP and Congress, targeted the Odisha government alleging the involvement of MLAs and BJD ministers in the Archana Nag racketeer case. BJP leader Babu Singh made an explosive statement regarding the sensational case in which he alleged that the 11 MLAs accused of being honey traps by blackmailer Archana Nag also include 3 state government ministers.

Several young leaders of the ruling BJD used to go to Archana's house and that is why the police are intentionally shielding the accused in the case. Babu further alleged that Archanga's husband also has links to drug trafficking.

BJP senior leader Pratap Sarangi has demanded a high-level investigation by an impartial agency like CBI to unearth more skeletons from the Archana Nag case.

On the other hand, Congress Leader Santosh Saluja has said that the BJD government will collapse if the truth about the involvement of so many MLAs and state government ministers comes out. Archana's laptop and mobile have all the details about her wrongdoing, Saluja said.

As many as 50 famous people from Odisha were reportedly on Archana's hit list. BJP Bhubaneswar unit chairman Babu Singh claimed that as many as 25 political leaders, including 18 MLAs and ministers, most of them belonging to the BJD, were in the Archana network.


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