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Story of a Man in Kashmir who develops ‘automatic ventilator’

Ventilator I developed needs no human interference says Mir

Ground Report| Srinagar: During the COVID-19 epidemic across the country, many warriors have appeared in this fight of COVID-19.  One such warrior is from Bandipora district of a North Kashmir, succeeded in preparing a prototype of the automatic ventilator. 

Mohammad Ismail Mir is 60 years old, but has a strong spirit and due to this perseverance, he has today succeeded in preparing a prototype of the oxygen concentrator. He want a company to come forward and help save lives by creating affordable contractors.

Mohammad Ismail said “since COVID-19 started, i first created a prototype of the Disinfect Tunnel on 28 March 2020, followed by a Touchless sanitizing machine and then a ventilator”. 

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Mir said that now there is a cry for oxygen, oxygen concentrators are being sold in the market for one to one and a half lakh rupees. In such a situation, he decided to build an oxygen concentrator and prepared a successful prototype.

He said that even though it is a prototype, it is completing the work. Compressor, cooling coil, reservoir, 6 solenide valves, electronic circuit zeolite have been used to make this. 

Mir said that the most important role is that of zeolite, which blocks the impure gases. The speciality of this concentrator is that it can be prepared in less than 15,000 Rupees. 

However, “the ventilator I have developed needs no human interference as it operates automatically,” he says.

Mir said that during the time of this epidemic, where it is being imported from countries like China, a company should come forward and make indigenous oxygen concentrator based on this prototype.

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Mohammad Ismail Mir hails from Kaloosa village in Bandipora studied till Class 12 and had to drop out due to financial conditions at home.

He has surprised everyone with his innovation from the beginning. Due to this, he also had to leave his ITI. Mir said that he used to question his teacher so much that the matter would have reached the narrator. They were thrown out of class. In such a situation, he left his ITI studies in the middle.

Although he says that the government has not helped him as much as he deserved. But his friends have decided to set up a lab worth 5 lack Rupees at his house

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