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Storms are increasing continuously, due to climate change

Storms are increasing continuously, due to climate change

Ground Report | New Delhi: Storms are increasing continuously; Due to climate change, storms are increasing continuously around the world. In recent years, there has been an increase in the intensity of storms with less frequent occurrences. Hurricanes, especially in the areas called the Great Plains of the South in Asia and America, are some of the strongest storms on Earth. 

Storms are increasing continuously

The latest research shows that climate change is responsible for frequent storms. In the study published in Nature Geoscience, the researchers used radar to get information about rainfall in the area. Analyzing oxygen isotopes from stalactites 30 to 50,000 years old from caves in Texas to understand trends in past storms. 

Researchers found that there was a gradual change in the storms that had been going on for thousands of years At first they used to be weak, later their appearance changed, they started becoming more dangerous. There was a sudden change in the world’s climate during the Ice Age. Which happened about 120,000 years ago, since then they also started.

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Through today’s combined (synoptic) analysis. The researchers found that storm surges in the southern plains were accompanied by changes in very fast-moving winds and moisture patterns. Understanding these interconnected changes will not only help to reconstruct the essence of past storm events. But also to forecast future mid-latitude storm patterns.

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Maupin said that within the caves there are different types of records of storms in the southern plains. There are probably thousands of caves in the southern plains and southern Texas. More research is needed in those areas. Schumacher said that scientists understand the patterns of precipitation that occur today. And that they can erase isotopes or forms of evidence of major storms.

Large storms cause a lot of precipitation

He said that we do not know what will happen in the future. So much so that this study will definitely help in forecasting the trends of storms in the future. If we can run a climate model for the past that is consistent with cave records. And run the same model going forward, we can have more confidence in its findings.

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Maupin, a paleontologist, described the limitations in finding the correct distribution of weather events over time. It’s really important to know about what happened in the past when it comes to major weather events, Maupin said. Which can give us information about big storms versus small storms.

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Large storms cause a lot of precipitation and model grids cannot capture large weather events, because the grids themselves are so large. Paleoclimatology helps organize past events to develop evidence records of how they respond to normal climates.

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