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Farmer in Bijnor dies in field because of heat stroke

A farmer died while working in extreme heat in Jhiran village, sparking concerns about safety in hot weather. The incident underscores the need for caution and preventive measures to protect farmers from heat-related risks

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Farmer in Bijnor dies in field because of heat stroke

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A tragic incident occurred in Jhiran village on Sunday. A 55-year-old farmer, Begraj Singh, died while digging his sugarcane field. The incident has shocked the village and raised concerns about working in extreme heat.

According to reports, Begraj Singh, Chaudhary Jagat Singh's son, went to his sugarcane field on Sunday to dig the crop with a spade. In the hot afternoon, fellow farmers found Begraj lying lifeless in the field, his spade beside him, and promptly informed the village and Begraj's family.

Grief and mourning settled in the village as news of the farmer's untimely demise spread. After a private doctor declared Begraj dead, his brother Pukhraj Singh filed a complaint for a postmortem examination. The family and villagers suspect extreme heat contributed to Begraj's death, but the police remain cautious, stating the real cause can only be determined after the postmortem report.

The police have sent the deceased's body to Bijnor District Hospital based on the complaint from the deceased's brother Pukhraj Singh. The deceased's two daughters are married, while his only son, Harshit, aged 19, is distraught. Inspector Amit Kumar confirmed filing the report and stated that the cause of death will be known after the postmortem.

After the tragic incident, Amarpal Singh, the Block President of the Bharatiya Kisan Union Tikait, visited the bereaved family and extended his condolences. He urged farmers to be cautious and avoid working in the scorching sun, prioritizing their safety.

The medical officer at the local primary health center, Dr Ajay Gandharva, warned about the risks of dehydration and heart attacks in extreme heat. He advises farmers and residents to limit sun exposure, wear protective gear like umbrellas, turbans, or caps, and stay hydrated by consuming fluids, ORS, mineral water, lemonade, and sherbets.

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