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Who was Balwinder Singh Chhabra died of heart attack in Indore while performing a patriotic act?

Balwinder Singh Chhabra, a retired businessman and passionate patriot, collapsed and died mid-performance of a patriotic dance at a yoga event in Indore. Mistaken for part of the act, the audience clapped until organizers intervened

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Who was Balwinder Singh Chhabra died of heart attack in Indore while performing a patriotic act?

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On Friday morning, a 73-year-old man, Balwinder Singh Chhabra, collapsed and died while performing a patriotic dance at a yoga event in Indore. The incident unfolded as Chhabra was waving the national flag and dancing to the song "Maa Tujhe Salaam."

The audience, mostly school students, initially mistook Chhabra's fall as part of the act and continued clapping, unaware of the serious situation. Only when he failed to get up for over a minute did the organizers rush to help.

Who is Balwinder Singh Chhabra?

Balwinder Singh Chhabra, a retired businessman, had a deep love and respect for the Indian armed forces. Despite never having served, he was passionate about promoting patriotism through his performances. For years, Chhabra had been involved in social activities, dancing to patriotic songs while wearing military fatigues and waving the national flag.

His son, Jagjit Singh, revealed that his father had a lifelong dream of joining the Army, but circumstances prevented him. However, this did not diminish his admiration for the armed forces, which grew stronger over time. After retiring from his transport business, Chhabra devoted himself to social causes and was felicitated by former chief ministers and dignitaries.

Chhabra arrived at the yoga event at Agrasen Dham Futi Kothi wearing a military uniform and carrying the tricolour. His performance of "Maa Tujhe Salaam," with energetic movements and patriotic spirit, captivated the audience.

Mid-performance, Chhabra collapsed, clutching his chest. The unaware audience continued to clap, thinking it was part of the act. Only when Chhabra didn't get up did the organizers realize something was wrong.

Chhabra received immediate medical attention and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was declared dead after an ECG and other tests. Doctors believe he suffered a cardiac arrest during his performance.

Chhabra's family honoured his last wish by donating his eyes and skin for transplantation. Jagjit Singh, Chhabra's son, shared that his father had undergone bypass surgery in 2007 after a heart attack but had remained committed to his social activities and performances.

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