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Who is Jyotsna Charandas Mahant won elections in Hasdeo Protest region?

Jyotsna Mahant's victory in Korba, Chhattisgarh, highlights Congress' lone win in the region amidst the Hasdeo protests, affirming her family's political legacy and support for local causes

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Who is Jyotsna Charandas Mahant won elections in Hasdeo Protest region?
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Congress candidate Jyotsna Mahant has won the Korba seat in a tough election by defeating the BJP's national general secretary Saroj Pandey by over 41,000 votes. The epicenter of the Hasdeo protests, Korba, becomes the only seat won by the opposition Congress out of 11 contested in the region.

Jyotsna Mahant's triumph showcases the enduring legacy of the Mahant family in Korba, a stronghold they have held for over a decade. Her victory also underscores the resonance of the Hasdeo protests, which have galvanized local communities against the proposed coal mining projects.

The Hasdeo protests, focused on proposed coal mining projects, are a defining issue in the Korba constituency. Locals, environmentalists, and indigenous communities oppose the projects due to concerns about displacement, ecological damage, and disruption of traditional ways of life.

Jyotsna Mahant's stance against the proposed mining activities has resonated with the protestors, positioning her as a champion of their cause. Her victory is seen as an endorsement of the Hasdeo protests and a rebuke to the BJP's stance on the issue.

Who is Jyotsna Charandas Mahant?

Jyotsna Charandas Mahant, a 70-year-old politician from the Indian National Congress, entered electoral politics. She won the Korba seat from BJP's Bansilal Mehto, defeating Jyoti Nand Dubey by 26,249 votes, marking her debut as a Member of Parliament.

Jyotsna Mahant, the wife of Dr. Charan Das Mahant, the Leader of the Opposition in the Chhattisgarh Assembly, comes from a politically influential family in the region. The Mahant family has been associated with Korba since 2009 when Dr. Charan Das Mahant represented the Korba constituency as the only Congress MP from Chhattisgarh.

Jyotsna Mahant's political clout extends beyond her education and finances, with a postgraduate degree and a net worth of Rs 18 crore. Her commitment to the Hasdeo protests and her connections with the local communities have solidified her support base.

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