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Who is ex BJP worker Aquib Mir seen thrasing wife in a viral video?

A viral video shows Aquib Mir from Jammu and Kashmir allegedly beating his wife with a mooda. Mir, accused of exploiting and deceiving the woman into a fraudulent marriage, forced her to transfer savings and sell jewelry for his gain.

By Ground report
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Who is ex BJP worker Aquib Mir seen thrasing wife in a viral video?
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A disturbing video circulating on social media has sparked outrage, depicting a man identified as Aquib Mir from Jammu and Kashmir allegedly subjecting his wife to brutal physical assault. Mir stands accused of exploiting the woman under false pretenses, entering into a fraudulent marriage (Nikah), and coercing her into transferring her savings and selling her jewellery to purchase property for him.

The victim, seeking assistance from an X user named Sonia Sisodia, exposed Mir's alleged brutality by sharing the video, which shows him thrashing his wife with a 'mooda' (a wooden tool used for grinding spices).

According to the victim's account, Mir initially convinced her that due to his job in defense, he was restricted from having official social media accounts and justified the use of a parody account. "He manipulated my trust over several months," the victim stated. "When I discovered his true identity, he persuaded me that he had hidden his Muslim identity out of profound love for me, fearing rejection. His convincing argument led me to agree to a Nikah with him."

The victim, Anna Jain, recounted her ordeal to Sisodia, revealing that Mir had allegedly contacted her via Instagram, using a fake account and posing as Ravi Rajput, a supposed employee of Union Minister Rajnath Singh.

However, the situation took a horrifying turn as Mir's true intentions surfaced. "He emotionally blackmailed me and coerced me to give him my savings and sell my jewelry valued between Rs 40 to 50 lakhs to purchase property," the victim alleged.

Once she was financially drained, the victim claims Mir's abuse escalated to daily physical violence. During this period, she discovered Mir's pattern of deceit, alleging that he was involved with multiple women, predominantly Hindus and Jains, whom he trapped using a similar modus operandi. "Posing as a 'nationalist Muslim,' he feigned support for the BJP and Indian nationalist ideologies to win the trust of these women," the victim claimed.

In response to the allegations, Mir took to X (formerly Twitter) to refute the claims of 'love jihad' being circulated on social media. "It is not a case of love jihad as people are saying on social media. Instead, it is a case of property dispute, and the police are currently investigating the matter," he stated.

Who is Aaqib Mir?

Aaqib Mir was a politician associated with the BJYM (Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha), the youth wing of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in Doda, Jammu & Kashmir. In 2023, he was later removed from the BJP after several complaints against him by women supporters.

However, he still claims to be a BJP member. According to Sonia Sisodia, an X user, Mir has been accused of assaulting his Hindu wife, with CCTV footage supporting the allegations. Sisodia claims Mir gets engagement on X by referring to her as a 'Terrorist', which right-wing trolls support.

She has been tweeting about Mir's alleged behaviour with women BJP supporters for 2-3 years, but the party did not address it as he was considered an important Muslim voice from the region. The victim claims Mir is currently absconding but remains active on X.

Mir had also received a notice from the bank for duping ₹50 Lakh in loans and tried to shift focus by calling her a "Terrorist." Despite the BJP claiming he is no longer a member, questions arise about his continued access to top leaders and the Army.

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