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Home ยป Some Indian nationals likely to be in Afghanistan: MEA

Some Indian nationals likely to be in Afghanistan: MEA

Some Indian nationals likely to be in Afghanistan

Ground Report | New Delhi: Some Indian nationals likely to be in Afghanistan; Indian Foreign Ministry said that most of the Indians who wish to return from Afghanistan have been evacuated. Although some are still feared to be trapped there.

Some Indian nationals likely to be in Afghanistan

Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said, “Our assessment is that most of the Indians who wish to return from there have been evacuated. A few more are likely to be in Afghanistan. I don’t have the exact number for that.”

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He said, “There were about 40 people in the last flight. We were hearing reports that Afghan citizens were having trouble reaching the airport. We know that some Afghan citizens, including Afghan Sikhs and Hindus, could not reach the airport on 25 August. We had to come without them.”

Regarding Afghans coming to India, the Ministry of External Affairs has announced e-emergency visas. Bagchi said that this is a six-month visa and he is currently coming here on a six-month visa regime.

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On the question of recognition of the Taliban, Bagchi said, “At present, there is no clarity about any faction forming the government in Kabul. Anything regarding recognition would be too early.” “We are monitoring the situation, the situation is constantly changing.”

More than 550 people were evacuated 

“We have evacuated more than 550 people in 6 different flights from Kabul and Dushanbe. Of these, more than 260 were Indians. The Indian government also helped in the evacuation of Indian nationals through other agencies. We were in touch with different countries like America, Tajikistan.

“No data can be given for Indians because it is changing. The number of people who are contacting us is different. There are some people who want to stay there. We don’t know much about it. We can say that the Indians who wanted to leave the country have been deported. There are some more people who are in Afghanistan. We will inform you about this further.”

India driving out Hindus and Sikhs

Most countries are giving a deadline to evacuate their people from Afghanistan by 31 August. Regarding this, India said that, at present, the situation has changed a lot there. We are in touch with different parties. 

At present, its deadline has not been decided. Our first focus is to evacuate the Indian people. We will also help evacuate some Afghan civilians. Most of the people who are being evicted are Hindus and Sikhs. But we stand firmly with the people of Afghanistan.

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