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Social media websites removed Trump's video, Twitter locked

Social media website Twitter has announced the closure of President Donald Trump's account for 12 hours. Twitter has

By Ground report
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Trump launches his own social media platform

Social media website Twitter has announced the closure of President Donald Trump's account for 12 hours. Twitter has taken this action on their election related tweets.

Twitter has said, "Given the unprecedented violent situation in Washington DC, we feel that Donald Trump should delete three of his tweets. These tweets violate our 'Civic Integrity Policy'. "

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It has been said that if Donald Trump does not delete these three tweets, then his account will remain locked.

Twitter has also said that if Donald Trump violates the 'Civic Integrity Policy' again, his account can be closed forever.

Technology reporter James Clayton of North America wrote in his report that the message that Donald Trump gave to his supporters, which followed the violence in the US capital, has been removed not only by Twitter, but also by Facebook and YouTube. Trump had appealed to his supporters to go home, but he also reiterated the claim of election rigging in his message.

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Facebook has said that 'it seems from their message that it will not control the situation, but will deteriorate'. Prior to the violence, President Trump had told his supporters that 'this election has also been rigged.'

Hours later, when violence erupted in the US capital and outside, he reiterated his claim of rigging in another video message. YouTube removed Trump's video message saying that 'his video makes an unwarranted claim of election rigging which is against his policy'.

However Former US President George W. Bush has issued a statement condemning Capitol violence. Bush has said that 'this ruckus, this type of' treason 'is a madness and they have been hurt by the sightings.

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The Republican leader has said that 'such disputes about the election results are seen in the failed republics (Banana Republic), not in a country like America'. Bush has blamed some leaders for this uproar in his statement, but he did not name Donald Trump anywhere in his statement.

President Trump has not yet condemned the violence, although he has appealed to the rioters to remain calm.

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