Meet Snowber Trumboo, an upcoming sculpture artist from Kashmir

Sculptures of Snowber Trumboo show great virtuosity, portraying a range of feelings inspired by reality and realised through her own interpretation. Casting her sharp and curious gaze, Snowber’s work reflects it’s own inner world.

Wahid Bhat | Srinagar

21-year-old Snowber Trumboo from Srinagar, in an interview with said that she never felt that she wanted to do anything else. “Apart from the pressure of deadlines, I feel like I am playing when I am working.”

She said “I don’t come from an artistic family but growing up in Kashmir valley exposes you to a lot of art. During the school days, I used to draw and paint a lot, and I did a lot of craft too. As far back as I can remember, the sculpture has always seemed the noblest and fascinating form of art to me, as well as one which is totally out of reach impossible to do. She said, “I and my work is like best friends”.

Excerpts from interview:

How is sculpture art as a career option in Kashmir?

Let’s be honest, we all know that every art career, sculpture, including other forms such as painting, drawing and crafting are much underrated in Kashmir valley. It is mostly seen as a hobby and people don’t really believe you when you say that you have chosen it as your profession in your life. Talking particularly about sculpture as a career option, I would first say that the term ‘sculpture is mostly misinterpreted among our youth. Sculpting in general is the art of making figures from stone, wood, clay, when in reality it is an actual academic subject which is learned and practiced like other subjects in universities and colleges all around the world. So this needs to be first clarified and explained among us.

What are your plans in the future?

Plans are like dreams they don’t change they transcend. I want to help many people as possible through my work and let them understand what sculpture art really means, especially people of Kashmir who need it the most.

What do you say when people ask you what do you do?

What I do is very simple to understand. I have not tied myself to a specific label in terms of what I do. I find labelling myself restricting. What I do is very free and liberating. I have been taught to pursue what fulfills my soul, to do what makes me happy at the end of the day. What I do is something I can do all my life without ever wanting a vacation or a break. Technically speaking I do 3D sculpture, people don’t know but sculpture is an important form of public art.

What people don’t understand about your field?

The biggest myth about the sculpture field is that people feel it is a hobby. Some of my own friends at times advise me to do something real with my life, professionally. People don’t see sculpture as a commercial or professional career in Kashmir.

Reported By Wahid Bhat, He is a Journalist based in Jammu and Kashmir.

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