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Skateboarding group from North East state assaulted by Delhi police

kamal thapa skateboarding group assaulted by delhi police

A Delhi Police constable assaulted some boys from the northeastern state who were skateboarding at Safdarjung Enclave B6 market. Kamal Thapa posted the video on Instagram and wrote that we always go to this place for skateboarding, but what happened to us last night is a violation of our rights. A police constable without hearing anything slapped him and our skateboards were also confiscated. Kamal Thapa writes on Instagram, “whether skating is a crime in the country? If such things happen in India then how will this country progress.”

In fact, a video has been posted on Instagram tagging Delhi Police in which a Skating group in Delhi’s Safdarjung Enclave was stopped by the police, their skateboards were confiscated. The youths who were skating had an argument with the police constable. The youth who is skateboarding tells the police that “we were not skating there, we were just standing. You return our skateboard. On this, the police constable slapped the young man.

It can be clearly seen in the video how the police constable is slapping this young man badly. The youth says that “the police cannot raise their hands like this, it is a violation of their rights.”

People’s reaction is coming after the video went viral on Instagram. Shefali writes in the post that ” Delhi Police, you guys only deal things with violence or what? And why is skateboarding not allowed? IT’S JUST LIKE ANY OTHER SPORT. Why are these policemen taking advantage of their uniforms and trying to submit whatever stuff they can get from STUDENTS? Students who are going to lead the county and students who want to explore their extracurricular activities. Please educate your staff, have experienced this too many times to count now. You’re the police, not our authority, KNOW THE DIFFERENCE. The only crime here I see is abuse, and that too by the policeman who’s unable to form sentences to deal with a situation so he just used anger and violence. Amazing.

This video is viral, youth from Northeast state were present in the skateboard group, and the Special Police Unit of North East State can take action on this matter.

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