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Home » Shraddha murder: Forensic team was shocked to see crime scene

Shraddha murder: Forensic team was shocked to see crime scene

Shraddha murder: Forensic team was shocked to see crime scene

In the Shraddha Walkar murder case of Delhi, the Delhi Police have yet to report on obtaining such irrefutable evidence on the basis of which Aftab’s crime can be proven in court. These include everything from the murder weapon to the deceased’s clothing to CCTV footage etc.

In such a situation, the Delhi Police are constantly looking at this case in different ways so that they can get something other than Aftab’s alleged confession.

In that direction, the forensic team of the Delhi Police arrived at Aftab’s flat. But the forensics team is shocked to see the cleanliness of evidence at the alleged crime scene.

According to the Times of India, Aftab would have affirmed that he had bought chemicals through the internet and the market for cleaning the crime scene.

The FSL team has said that “we have found some stains in the kitchen, but we will only be able to say anything about them after further investigation.” This crime was committed six months ago. And after the way Aftab destroyed the evidence, it’s become a difficult task for us.

The FSL team also told the newspaper that ‘we have seen many crime scenes (places where crime occurs) but so far we have not seen a crime scene that has been cleaned up like this. He used chemicals to destroy the evidence and made sure no stain was left behind. The defendant must have tried to collect information at this Internet address or by reading books.

Various speculations are being made on television channels on this matter, including the matter of burning the face of the deceased.

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But while speaking to the Times of India, the forensic team official said “no evidence of burns has been found on any part of the body so far.” He (Aftab) said that he killed the girl on the bed and then took her body to the bathroom and cut it into several pieces.

The FSL team is examining the 13 bones found so far in this case, which are said to be parts of Shraddha Walkar’s body.

On this, the forensic team officer has said that prima facie these are human bones, but a detailed investigation is underway.

This officer has said: “This crime took place six months ago and only the DNA comparison is the way to prove that the murdered person was Shraddha Walker and find clues about her presence at the crime scene.”

Explaining the reason for this, the forensic officer said that “everything in the human body can be easily destroyed, except for bones, and they are the main source of DNA evidence.”

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