Secret behind success of ruling party BJP

There is no doubt that the Bharatiya Janata Party, which has been in power in India since 2014, is currently the most powerful party in the country’s political background.

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has won two general elections decisively and although it has lost states, its political grip on India has been strengthening.

The main opposition party, the Congress, has no clear strategy, the powerful regional parties of the past have tried all their tactics and no real challenger has emerged against Narendra Modi.

According to BBC Political scientist Sohas Palshkar calls it the second dominant party system in India where Indira Gandhi’s Congress ran a one-party system for more than half a century. 

The BJP is the only party to have won a clear victory in the country’s general elections for the first time since the Congress won a landslide victory in the 1984 elections. 

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Sohas Palshkar says that after Indira Gandhi, Narendra Modi is the only leader who is popular across the country.

The credit for the BJP’s success goes to Modi’s personality, religious politics, and hardline nationalism.

In his political campaign, there are many hardworking activists who have been affiliated with his ideological party, the RSS or the VHP. VHP is considered by analysts to be the military wing of the RSS.

The BJP has also received a lot of donations in the last few years, the details of which have not come to light. At the same time, this party has been receiving strong support from the media.

But political scientist Venu Sitapati, in her forthcoming book ‘Jagalbandi: The BJP Before Modi’, suggests that if we pause for a moment to see what the BJP has in store. If it succeeds, we will know that it may be due to its unwavering focus on national unity.

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BJP is trying to unite Hindus, who make up more than 80 per cent of India’s population, and vote together. That is why they do not talk about the caste which was traditionally the reason for the division of Hindus. That is why they raise anti-Islamic voices and refer to ancient Hindu books.

But like other parties, the BJP has different views on its part. It’s only been 12 years since he came to power, but he’s 40 years old. Not being in power means you have nothing to give.


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