SC Adjourns Hearing of Case Against UGC Guidelines till August 14

The confusion around the examinations of final year students still stands unclear as the Supreme Court has adjourned the hearing of case against UGC guidelines till 14th August. On Monday, the SC heard the case against the University Grants Commissions’ (UGC) guidelines of 6th July. The affidavit was filed to question that if the Disaster Management Act can override the UGC notification or not.

After the UGC guidelines, Maharashtra government and Delhi government had announced that the exams for final year students will not be conducted in purview of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Maharashtra government said that the State Disaster Management Authority had resolved on 13th July to not conduct the exams in state universities.

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Students against UGC Guidelines

The UGC has stood firm on its decision to conduct examinations for final year students in either online, offline or blended mode. Advocate SG Mehta, appearing for UGC said that since it is the only authority legally capable to grant degree, then how states can decide on their own to not conduct examination.

The students are raising their voices against the UGC for being adamant on conducting exams. On Monday the hashtags like #StudentsinSCforJustice, #Studentlivesindanger and #Studentlivesmatter were trending on twitter.

The students demand the exams to be cancelled and all final year students to be promoted. They argue that there are difficulties being faced in coping with digital method of exams. Apart from online examination amid the digital divide, the risk involved in conducting offline exams also has created unrest.

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Meanwhile, the UGC stands firm that cancellation of exams will decrease the integrity of the standards of higher education. However, students believe that it is equivalent to posing a risk to the lives of students to ask them for appearing in offline exams. The students’ side affirms that online examination is not a good option as there are many students who do not have equal privileges as others to perform well in online exams.

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