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Samudrayan Project, India's manned underwater mission

The Samudrayan Project is a unique ocean mission to carry out deep underwater exploration in a manned vehicle. 

By Dewanshi Tiwari
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India's manned underwater mission

The Samudrayan Project is a unique ocean mission launched by the Ministry of Earth Sciences to aims to carry out deep underwater exploration in a manned vehicle. By launching this project, and adopting this technology, India has now joined countries such as the USA, Russia, Japan, France, and China. These countries have already been carrying out manned explorations of the deep seas and oceans.

The Matsya 6000 is a deep-sea vehicle designed to carry three people under the Samudrayan Project.


The objective of this mission is to foster deep-ocean exploration. In addition, for mining of rare minerals that are found in the ocean beds.

The development of deep-sea technologies for the sustainable use of ocean resources and supporting the Blue Economy initiatives of the Indian Government. The blue economy talks about coastal and deep-sea mining and offshore energy. The above-mentions are the prime objective of the Samudrayan Mission.

The mission will be implemented over a period of five years in phases. Furthermore, it has a budget allocation of Rs. 4077 crores.

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Submarines are only known to go to a depth of about 200 meters. But, the vehicle designed for the Samudrayan Mission, the 'Matsya 6000' can reach up to a depth of 6000 meters. This depth throws the horizon wide open in case of exploration of the ocean.

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It is an indigenously developed manned submersive vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle is designed to facilitate the exploration of resources like gas hydrates, polymetallic manganese nodules, hydro-thermal sulfides, and cobalt crusts. The resources lie between 1000 – 5500 meters. Hence, they can only be accessed through this vehicle as it has the potential to reach a depth of 6000 meters.

It will have an endurance of 12 hours and additional 96 hours in case of emergencies. It is a titanium alloy personnel sphere of 2.1-meter diameter enclosed space.

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India is the 1st country among the developing world of nations to carry on a deep ocean mission.

There can be Advanced metallurgy, energy storage, and underwater navigation can be made through the Samudrayan Project.

This project is bound to open several avenues in areas of clean energy, and exploration of alternative energy sources from the deep ocean. Furthermore, it will foster Blue Economy initiatives, and find possible sources of drinking water.

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