Russia is using the deadliest weapon in Ukraine

Ukraine and Britain have warned that Russian forces rely on weapons that could cause large-scale casualties. According to the Associated Press, the warning comes at a time when Moscow is moving into the region to occupy eastern Ukraine, and the fierce and protracted war is straining the resources of both sides.

The British Ministry of Defence said in a statement that Russian forces may have fired heavy anti-ship missiles at Ukraine in the 1960s.

According to the British Ministry, the Russian Kh-22 missiles were primarily designed to destroy aircraft carriers using nuclear warheads, but when used together with conventional warheads in ground attacks, they are aimed at humans. Extremely deadly and can cause severe damage.

According to AP, both sides have used large amounts of weapons in the war, which has put enormous pressure on their resources and reserves. The British Ministry has said that Russia may be using older 5.5-tonne anti-ship missiles because it lacks more advanced missiles. However, the ministry did not provide details on where the missiles were deployed. (Russia weapon in Ukraine)

According to the Reuters news agency, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin called Russia’s attack on Ukraine cruel at the ongoing security conference in Singapore. Speaking at the Shangri-La Dialogue on Saturday, Lloyd Austin said: “Oppressors are trampling on the laws that protect us all. This is a potential scenario for a chaotic and unstable world that none of us would want to live in.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also addressed the conference later in a virtual session. Luhansk’s governor accuses Russia of using firearms. The governor of the Luhansk province in eastern Ukraine has accused Russia of using firearms in a village.

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Provincial Governor Sergei Haidai alleged that Russian night raids on Verbکاka had caused extensive damage to civilian facilities and a large number of casualties.

The governor wrote in the telegram: “At night, the enemy used a flamethrower rocket system, which set many houses on fire.” However, the governor’s claim could not be immediately confirmed. (Russia weapon in Ukraine)

A local correspondent told Russia’s Interfax news agency on Saturday that during the fighting in the southern Zaporizhiya region of Ukraine, which is now under Russian occupation, officials stationed by Moscow bought local grain and sent it to Russia. Has set up a company to resell.

Ukraine and the West have accused Russia of stealing Ukraine’s grain, which could lead to millions starving to death in the ensuing global food crisis. Eugene Belsky, head of the Russian-imposed interim administration in Zaporizhia, said the new company had taken control of several grain installations.

“The grain here will be Russian-owned and we don’t care who buys it,” he said. It was not clear if the Ukrainian farmers whose grain Russia was selling were being paid.

Ukraine’s presidential office also accused the Russian military of shelling grain fields and burning standing crops before harvesting.

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