8 Tips on how to Write a Resume for a Freelancer

Resume for a Freelancer: One of the most important talents for advancing one’s career is the ability to write a compelling CV. Success in life requires mastery of resume writing, regardless of your field or present position. Freelancers, who constantly move from one job to another, face this problem much more often than others. What’s more, freelancers frequently fight an uphill battle when they need to sum up their greatest works and showcase their best abilities. Because of this, we have compiled a list of the top 8 pieces of advice for creating a freelancer’s CV. 

Leverage templates

Your resume is your business card. Your personality, experience, and knowledge are judged due to the impression made by your CV. Create the catchiest CV with amazing resume builder templates to impress your future employer.

Carry out some research

Freelancers require writing resumes more often than their 9-to-5 counterparts. This is due to the fact that you either work on many projects at once or often switch between several employments. Nevertheless, you can’t just send out one generic resume to every company you’re interested in working for. You should tailor it to each position you apply for. You need to find out everything you can about the firm and job in order to stand out from the crowd and be hired. Upon finishing your investigation, you may tailor your CV to the company’s specifics and unique job description.

Choose the most interesting projects you have worked on

Your next step is to determine which of your past endeavors best represent you in light of the employer’s requirements. The easiest method to accomplish this is to consider works that required abilities and knowledge comparable to those needed for the position you’re interested in.

To the extent possible, provide a list of clients

List your previous major clients or well-known brands if your agreement permits it. This will look great on your CV and speak to your worth to potential clients. Names that are well-known and respected are always welcome by most hiring supervisors. Some hiring managers may want to verify the information you submit, so it’s important to provide them with a way to reach you. If you’ve done a lot of freelancing, it could seem good to emphasize your top five customers. However, if you are contractually obligated to avoid using their brand names, you should stick to describing the job itself.

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Draw attention to your qualifications and prior successes

Using a skills-based approach is optimal for a freelancer’s CV. Design it in a manner that highlights your talents rather than describes your prior work experience chronologically. A smart place to start is by emphasizing your relevant talents and experience. You may list the projects you worked on that required these abilities. You may also use an infographic to provide a visual rating for each option.

Don’t forget to add a motivation letter

Your statement appears right at the start of your resume. It should include a synopsis of your professional knowledge as well as your desire to earn the opportunity to demonstrate your worth in the new role. When you write it, you should be cautious since you need to underline that you are fully committed to this project. It is important to avoid giving the impression to your employer that you are working on dozens of different projects at once.

You should also include a line or two explaining why you are applying for the position and how you believe you will contribute to the organization or project employing you.

Showcase your portfolio

If you’re a freelancer, you probably have a solid online portfolio you can point potential clients to. Recruiters and future employers will have a better understanding of you and your accomplishments thanks to this expanded access. Leave a link to your portfolio for them to learn more about you and your work if they’re interested.

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Finish your resume with a call to action.

It’s unlikely that an employer would go out of their way to investigate your additional materials once they’ve finished reviewing your application and CV. That’s why you should have a call to action to push them forward. Include a request for them to visit your website or online portfolio, contact your referees, or get in touch with you for further information if necessary. Keep in mind that too many calls to action might be counterproductive. One polite CTA at the end will be more than enough. 


Writing a freelancer’s CV might be a challenge without proper planning. Selecting and showcasing correct projects to best display your skills require you to develop a strategy. You need to “sell” yourself to a prospective employer as an asset to the team. We hope these eight suggestions will help you construct a compelling resume and get interviews with the best companies.

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