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Home » Religious Harmony in Amarnath: Muslims skip Eid to help pilgrims

Religious Harmony in Amarnath: Muslims skip Eid to help pilgrims

Kashmiri muslims skip eid to help hindu pilgrims in amarnath

The cloudburst tragedy in Amarnath once broke the spirits of the pilgrims. But the local Kashmiri Muslims together with the administration and the army have done the feat of starting the journey again. According to the report of TV9 Bharatvarsh, everything was devastated after the cloudburst at the Amarnath Yatra base camp. But the journey has started once again. The local people have helped in this.

A video is viral on social media in which army officers are telling how Kashmiri locals are not going to their homes to celebrate Eid, the biggest festival of the year. They are helping Hindu pilgrims by staying in Baltal. They are helping army in the rescue operation and repair work.

Army officials say that this thing gives us a boost of how Kashmiri Muslims are helping Hindu pilgrims here. In this, Kachchar wala, doli walas, and shopkeepers have come forward to help the Army. They are helping people here day and night. They are also helping people to get out of the rubble. Along with helping in repairing the roads and the camp.

When the local Kashmiris were asked that why they did not go home to celebrate Eid? they told that no, we are not going to celebrate Eid, we are needed more here at this time. We ourselves are helping people by staying here. This is the greatest opportunity to serve.

Let us tell you that thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit Amarnath every year, it is also a good employment opportunity for local Kashmiris. But this time the yatra was stalled due to the cloudburst, about 10 passengers died and many went missing in the flash floods. Rescue work was carried out with the help of the Army and the pilgrimage has been resumed.

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