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Ramdev spoils image of scientific medicine, govt should take action: IMA

बाबा रामदेव कोरोना दवा पर
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Ground Report | New Delhi: The Indian Medical Association said on Saturday that the Union Health Ministry should take action against yoga guru Ramdev as he made irresponsible statements against allopathy and tarnished the image of scientific medicine.

The apex body of doctors said in a statement that Ramdev should be prosecuted under the Epidemic Diseases Act because uneducated statements are a threat to the educated society of the country and at the same time poor people are falling prey to it.

Referring to a video on social media, the IMA said that Ramdev is saying that allopathy is such a stupid and bankrupt science.

He also said that millions of people died after taking allopathy medicines. The IMA said that Ramdev claimed that Ramesdevir, Faviflu and all other medicines approved by the Controller General of Drugs of India had failed to treat covid-19 patients.

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The IMA said, “The Union Health Minister (Harsh Vardhan), who himself has been a doctor of modern medical allopathy and is the head of the Ministry of Health, should either accept the challenge and charge of these gentlemen and dissolve the facility of modern medicine or To save lakhs of people from such unscientific things, file a lawsuit against them under epidemic law.”

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He alleged that Ramdev is trying to take advantage of the situation and create fear and resentment among the people on a large scale. The IMA said that they are doing this so that they can sell their illegal and unrecognized so-called medicines and earn money at the cost of their lives.

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He said, “IMA demands and takes a pledge that if the minister (Harsh Vardhan) is not taking suo motu action then we have to resort to democratic means to struggle to bring the truth before the common man and to get justice.” Will have to knock the door of the judiciary. ”

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