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Ramadan: Six Misconceptions About Fasting

world The Islamic month of Ramadan is currently underway and millions of Muslims around the world are fasting.

By Ground Report
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Ramadan: Six Misconceptions About Fasting

The Islamic month of Ramadan is underway and millions of Muslims around the world are fasting.

The purpose of fasting is to increase religious spirituality through long worship and patience. People see Ramadan as an opportunity to get closer to God.

Although this may seem like a simple process, there are many rumours and unconfirmed rumours circulating about fasting.

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Brushing breaks the fast'

Many scholars believe that brushing one's teeth does not break the fast. Some people think that the mild taste of mint in toothpaste is enough to break the fast. Although many scholars believe that it is permissible to brush one's teeth.

The first advice is to use toothpaste as little as possible. And use a toothpaste that doesn't taste too good. '

Another suggestion is to use a toothbrush.

'You can't swallow your saliva'

It is perfectly permissible to swallow your saliva but it is encouraged, there is no basis for this misunderstanding.  "Swallowing saliva is natural and will not break your fast."

However, exchanging bodily fluids with another person breaks the fast. "Swallowing someone else's saliva is a little different and should not be done during fasting."

"You can't kiss or have sex with your partner or wife. The purpose of fasting is to control one's desires, which include eating, drinking and sexual intercourse.

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'Ramadan is just a ban on food'

Eating or drinking are not the only actions that can break the fast. "Even the sins that you commit with your tongue can break your fast."

"If you gossip or swear, the benefits of fasting are diminished,".

Eating and drinking by mistake breaks the fast '

If you completely and genuinely forget that you are fasting and eating something, your fast is not broken, provided you stop immediately when you remember.

However, if you eat or drink something while doing something that could have been avoided, it breaks the fast, such as when performing ablutions. If you accidentally swallow water while performing Wudhu, the fast is broken.

'When you are performing Wudhu, we advise you not to gargle. Just rinse and spit. '

'You can't take any medicine'

The British Muslim Council has issued a joint message with the International Glaucoma Association telling people that there are some medicines that can be used during fasting, such as eye drops.

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The organization has issued a guideline on Ramadan that is being used in hospitals. According to him, eye and ear drops, vaccines and urethral infusions are the drugs that do not break the fast.

However, swallowing the medicine will break your fast.

"First of all, we have to see if you have any disease, should you fast or not?" What is clear from the Qur'an is that you have to follow your doctor's advice.

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