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Rajasthan records 329% excess rainfall, no Heatwave in sight

Unpredictable monsoons in India linked to Pollution

Rajasthan has experienced significantly higher than normal levels of rainfall during this year’s pre-monsoon season, with another 48 hours of wet weather expected.

The area has received up to four times the usual amount of rain since March, with rainfall of 44.1mm, an excess of 329% compared to the long-term average for this period of 10.3mm.

Ten districts have seen average rainfall levels exceeding 50mm, including Rajsamand, Alwar, Nagaur, Bundi and Jaipur. The city of Rajsamand has been particularly hard hit, recording 71.1mm of rain compared to its seasonal average of 7.8mm.

These conditions are the result of back-to-back western disturbances over the past two months, which are low-pressure systems that build up moisture as they move over the Mediterranean Sea before dropping it over northern India.

As a result, daytime temperatures have remained cooler than usual, and heat waves are not expected to hit the state until at least the middle of next week.

Thunderstorms, lightning and squall conditions are expected to continue in Rajasthan for the next two to three days, and the area has been placed on yellow alert by the India Meteorological Department for Friday and Saturday, May 5-6.

Recent rains have brought relief to Rajasthan, which has faced significant water shortages in recent years. However, it has also raised concerns about the potential impact on crops, as farmers might need to adapt to changing weather patterns.

The unusual weather has also caused unexpected drops in temperature, with some cities experiencing daytime temperatures below 30°C. This is highly unusual for the state’s peak summer season, which is typically characterized by high temperatures.

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