Rajasthan Political Crisis: Pilots returns to Jaipur after meeting Rahul Gandhi

Nearly a month-long Rajasthan political crisis has finally settled down as Sachin Pilot returned to Jaipur after meeting Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Pilot met Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, General Secretary of All India Congress Committee on Monday just before the floor test of Ashok Gehlot government scheduled on August 14.

Nearly a month ago, Pilot had rebelled against Gehlot along with 18 MLAs. The matter got serious to the extent that Gehlot accused Pilot of conspiring against him along with BJP to topple his government. The high voltage drama had led to the expulsion of Pilot from the post of Deputy CM. The dispute had even gone to the SC. However, now it seems to have settled for some time as Rahul Gandhi stood up to his responsibility and managed to resolve the issue.

The party has decided to form a separate panel to address the grievances of the rebel MLAs. The Congress party has given the credit to Rahul Gandhi for solving the internal feud in the party as five state elections are due in next nine months, including Bihar assembly elections.

“The entire country witnessed as to how after 30 days now the political events in Rajasthan have come to a close. This was made possible on account of the vision and the belief of Rahul Gandhi in carrying all Congress leaders together bereft of any differences of opinion.”

-Congress chief spokesperson Randeep Surjewala

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Rajasthan political crisis: a sign of leadership Crisis in Congress

Although, it seems like a solution, yet it is a temporary one. The bigger crisis lies ahead for the party. The question of internal leadership still stands unanswered. The Rajasthan crisis’ end has coincided with completion of one year of Sonia Gandhi as interim President of the party.

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Last year, Rahul Gandhi had resigned from the post of the party president taking the responsibility of 2019 Lok Sabha elections loss. Thence, Sonia Gandhi was declared to be interim President. Though the situation is pretty much similar now, as she holds the position until a new president is elected. The Congress leaders want Rahul Gandhi to stand up to the ceremony and guide the party in upcoming elections. Otherwise, only the option of an election is left for the party, as Sonia Gandhi cannot take the responsibility further.

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The Rajasthan political crisis is a sign of the weak leadership in the party as Congress was saved just by nick from losing Rajasthan like Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh. It is now up to Rahul Gandhi to protect Congress from falling apart due to its internal crisis. And clear the leadership vacuum created in the party.

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