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Home » Raj CM Gehlot calls Adani ‘bhai’; BJP says tight slap on top brass

Raj CM Gehlot calls Adani ‘bhai’; BJP says tight slap on top brass

Raj CM Gehlot calls Adani 'bhai'; BJP says tight slap on top brass

The BJP is raising questions about the pictures of Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot with industrialist Gautam Adani. CM Gehlot has also retaliated on this.

Ashok Gehlot said that in opposition to Gehlot and Congress, the BJP is also opposing the golden opportunities of the youth of Rajasthan.

In fact, the Government of Rajasthan has organized the Invest Rajasthan Summit on 7 and 8 October to promote investment in the state.

Adani Group owner Gautam Adani also attended the Invest Rajasthan Summit on Friday, October 7. His picture with Chief Minister Gehlot dominated social media.

BJP raised questions on this picture. In fact, at the same time when Adani was sharing the stage with Gehlot and Gehlot was praising Adani in his speech, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was tweeting and accusing the Modi government of benefiting the capitalists. Although Rahul Gandhi did not name anyone in this tweet, but he came under the target of the BJP. Because Rahul Gandhi has been continuously accusing the central government of benefiting the Adani group.

Adani announces investment and job placement

Praising the vision of the Rajasthan government and CM Ashok Gehlot, Gautam Adani announced an investment of about Rs 65,000 crore in the state. Along with this, he also talked about giving 40 thousand of jobs.

Adani praised the social security schemes of the Gehlot government. He also told the plan for investment in solar energy and other sectors.

BJP raised questions

Rajasthan BJP posted a video of Rahul Gandhi on its official Twitter and taunted that the Congress government is going close to those whom Rahul Gandhi is questioning for money.

BJP MLA and former minister Vasudev Devnani shared the picture of Gehlot and Adani and wrote that this picture is a slap on the face of the Congress high command.

CM Ashok Gehlot hit back at the BJP on the questions about the picture and praised Adani. He questioned the BJP in a tweet.

Gehlot wrote, “Today there have been proposals for investment of about Rs 11 lakh crore in Rajasthan. In the Invest Rajasthan program, not only MoU and LOI were signed, but about 40% of the projects have reached the next stage. When the biggest investment so far is coming in the state, it is a matter of regret that the BJP and a section of the media are engaged in its negative publicity.

Gehlot further said, “Congress has never been against industries. I don’t understand why BJP is opposing this? You oppose Ashok Gehlot, and fight Congress, but why are you opposing the future opportunities of the youth of Rajasthan? Has the Rajasthan BJP come under so much opposition to us that it will also oppose the work being done for the bright future of the state? At the time of Rajiv Gandhi, these people opposed the computer by walking in bullock cart.


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