Rainfall predicted in several states/UTs today; IMD releases list

India’s Meteorological Department has released a list of states and union territories where showers are forecast on Sunday. Light to moderate rains is forecast in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi. Meanwhile, IMD said isolated heavy rain or snowfall is forecast in the western Himalayan region.

Rainfall Delhi

As per the statement of the Meteorological Department “A Western Disturbance seen as a trough in middle tropospheric westerlies runs along Long. 56°E to the north of Lat. 22°N. it is very likely to move eastwards and high moisture feeding from the Arabian Sea is very likely on 29th & 30th January 2023. Under its influence”.

“Light/moderate isolated to scattered rainfall over east Uttar Pradesh on January 29 and 30 and over Rajasthan on January 28 and 29 while isolated light rainfall also likely over Delhi on January 29,” the IMD said.

Meanwhile, extreme cold snaps prevailed in remote locations over western Rajasthan and cold snaps in remote locations over Punjab and eastern Rajasthan.

“Very dense fog was noted in remote pockets over Uttarakhand and dense fog in some areas over Himachal Pradesh, in remote pockets over Assam and Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura and Gangetic West Bengal,” the IMD in an announcement aired on Friday night.

He mentioned that light/average/fairly widespread to widespread rain/snowfall could be very apparent over the western Himalayan area and scattered light/average to fairly widespread rain over Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh and western Uttar Pradesh on 29-30 January.

“Average light/remote to scattered rain over eastern Uttar Pradesh on Jan 29-30 and over Rajasthan on Jan 28-29, while remote light rain apparently also over Delhi on Jan 29,” it said.

Minimum Temperature Forecast and Fog Warning

Minimum temperatures are likely to increase by 4-6°C in many parts of North West India over the next 48 hours and there will be no significant change in minimum temperatures over the next 24 hours and decrease by 2-4°C from then. An increase in minimum temperatures of 2 to 4 ° C is likely in many parts of Madhya Pradesh for the next 03 days and a decrease of 2 to 4 ° C thereafter. It is likely that there will be no significant changes in the minimum temperatures in the rest of the country during the next 5 days.


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