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Radical Islam threat to everyone: French President Macron

French President Macron has said that he understands the feelings of Muslims added Muslims are the biggest losers by misrepresenting Islam.

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French President Emmanuel Macron has said that he understands the feelings of Muslims but radical Islam is a danger to all, he said Muslims are the biggest losers by misrepresenting Islam.

Emmanuel Macron said In an interview to Al Jazeera, about his statements and opposition to Muslim countries after showing cartoons of Prophet Mohammad.

President Macron said, "I understand the feelings of Muslims who have been shocked by the showing of cartoons of Prophet Mohammad. But the 'radical Islam' they are trying to fight is a threat to all people, especially Muslims. ''

"I understand these feelings and respect them." But you have to understand my role right now. I have to do two things in this role: promote peace and protect these rights. ''

He said that he will always defend the freedom of speaking, writing, thinking and painting in his country

French President Emmanuel Macron defended the teacher's decision to show disputed cartoons of Prophet Mohammed and said that he would take stern action against Muslim fundamentalist organizations.

He said there is a danger of a "counter-society" being born from a minority of the estimated six million Muslims of France. Counter society or counter culture means to create a society that is different from the original culture of that country's society.

Anger was expressed in some Muslim-majority countries on the decision of Emmanuel Macron. Many countries also appealed for a boycott of French goods. Turkish President Rechep Tayyip had said that if there is suppression of Muslims in France, then world leaders should come forward to protect the Muslims. Do not buy goods labelled French.

After this, a man was attacked with a knife and killed two women and a man in the church Notre-Dame Basilica of the city of Nice in France.

President Macron also accused his statements of being misrepresented.

He said, "I think such reactions have come about only because of the lies spoken about my words and by distorting them. This made people think that I support those cartoons. ''

"Those cartoons were not part of the government project but were given in independent and independent newspapers which are not associated with the government."

He said, "Today many people in the world are twisting Islam. In the name of Islam, they defend themselves, commit murder, murder. Today some extremist movements and individuals are committing violence in the name of Islam. This is a problem for Islam because Muslims suffer before it. More than 80 percent of the victims of terrorism are Muslims and this is a problem for everyone.