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Qazi Shabana who choose the path of Art

Qazi Shabana : Meet the sensational sketch, sculpture artist, Qazi Shabana whose art will amaze you. She is an extremely talented

By Ground report
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Qazi Shabana who choose the path of Art

Meet the sensational sketch, sculpture artist, Qazi Shabana whose art will amaze you. She is an extremely talented artist and a student of Fine art in University of Kashmir.

In an interview with Groundreport.in Qazi Shabana said “I love making sculptures, Sketch and I love to have lots of them around me. I enjoy seeing how my art affects people in positive ways. It is rewarding to see people smile, laugh, stare in astonishment, or plead with you to demonstate kinetic sculptures again and again”.

She said “My current ambition is to get my work in as many modern art museums’ permanent collections as I can”. She said “I am an artist because nothing else comes close to giving me the level of enjoyment and satisfaction I get from creating my art every day. I also like the way it comes out, and enjoy having it around”.

Excerpts from Interview

When you first realized the fact that you are actually a creative person?

I have been interested in creative expression in one form or another since I was a small child. When I was young I loved to draw, paint, and build things. I never took any courses in art in high school. . I made a small colored sculpture. I started with drawing and painting at a much younger age.

Where from you learned this creative art?

I am doing Fine art From University of Kashmir. After my 12th my father enquired many people about the career in art field. My parents at first didn't want me to pursue art as a career, although they were fine with it as a hobby. With time my parents have become a bit more accepting of me pursuing fine art, when I was able to actually make some side of good work. There are some special people in my Life who inspire me alot to take my creativity in next Level, He is Irfan sir my teacher. He always inspires me for new Vision in Creativity of ‘Visual & Concept’. The key is to look at all things, even the most common or uninteresting, as a potential source of inspiration.

How is the feeling when people appreciate your work?

I experience happiness & fulfillment, when people like my work. I feel extremely happy when they get worth of their investment of time & Money in my art works. Mostly many of them come again and again to me because of full trust. It’s all because of my work and hardwork I did. It can be one of the several different styles.

How successful is your creativity art?

I am the only one who make unique style of deferent art. Each piece is a masterpiece . All are hand sculpturing work. So client want that unique piece . People understand I am committed to give them 100% service for what they are looking for. This is what, which has established so far. Well I can’t say 100% but almost 40% I am successful in creativity. I suppose it is because I am a very visual person. I love beautiful or interesting shapes, textures, and objects, and it is great to be able to make them myself. This fact is very interesting to me, and I plan on learning more about this connection. I feel that I should have started being a sculptor at a much younger age, and I need to learn much more.

Do you think that Kashmiri people are ready to pay the right price for the work of an artist?

Almost there are 40% person who appreciate and they are ready to pay good price for Master piece work, but at the same time there are people who never appreciate and pay for our work.

What materials you are using in your artist work?

Since I do a lot of different types of work, it could be classified into several catagories including: modern art, paint, sculpture, figurative sculpture, geometric sculpture, and more. I am working with Various materials like Stoneware, wire, Copper metal, Wood carving, Glass , Siporex Stone, & mix media on Canvas. Most important I also use waste material in my art work.

What type of problem due to face in Kashmir?

More platforms are needed to showcase this work in Kashmir but unfortunately, with the exception of the academy; there is hardly any collection the government has taken care. We even don’t have any master’s degree here, now my parents can allow me to go out of state but what about those students who can’t go out of state.

Reported By Wahid Bhat, He is a Journalist based in Jammu and Kashmir.