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Prominent feats and failures of Bella Healthcare India

The starting years of Bella India were full of success that turned toward failure after some time. This case study will tell you the success and failure journey of the organization.

By Pallav Jain
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This case study will show you the success and failure story of Bella healthcare India and will give you an idea of how the company penetrated the market successfully but failed later.

Here it is explained properly what innovative ideas led the company to the path of success and made it the leading brand in the market.

Also, we have discussed all the important points that the company was lacking that resulted in devaluing the company's worth.

Before going to discuss everything in detail, here we will give a brief overview of the company and its main target. Let’s start.

What is Bella Healthcare India?

Bella healthcare India was established in Bangalore where the company aimed to start selling cardiology medicines at a low price.

In its early days, the company introduced some new EKG/ECG models like 12-channel, 6-channel, and 3-channel.

This was the golden tenure when the company gained the attention of customers and other brands and became successful.

Right after this feat, there were some issues created in the company that led the company chart to fall on the brand's page.

If you are willing to read these elements in detail, you can read the case analysis for Bella Healthcare India where every single factor is discussed in detail.

You will able to get to know about the capabilities that can help the company in its positive growth. Also, here the positive elements of Bella Healthcare are discussed in detail.

Moreover, the case study is explaining the project Baton and its failure for the company. This will give you an idea about the failure steps of the company.

Bella Healthcare Success

Here are some amazing factors that were helpful in increasing the worth of the company and making its success notable for everyone.

• Good local labor force

For the success of any company, skilled employees play a vital role. And Bella Healthcare was quite lucky in these terms as they had an expert team.

The local team members graduated from the top universities of the country and also took training in their respective fields from renowned organizations in the U.S.

• High Investment

If you have a high budget for promoting your product, it will never be difficult for you to get the attention of the customers and boost your sale graph.

Bella Healthcare invested a decent amount in the medicines that helped it in getting notable success in the Indian market.

• Low-rates

Low rates and high quality always help in increasing the volume of customers and Bella healthcare followed this step.

They started selling their medicine at a low price that was much cheaper than other brands in the market.

• Bella Healthcare Failure

Just after the success of the company, there were some issues that led it toward failure and again took its graph below the lines.

It included many basic and important factors that were supposed to be improved but no step was taken against those deficiencies.

• Cultural misunderstanding

Cultural confusion was the most prominent factor that was affecting the performance of the team. 

Even though, they were speaking the same language still they had some clashes with the terms that could have different meanings in another language.

Let’s say team India makes a delay in the project, it could not be a big deal for them but for the foreign team, it could be a serious problem.

• Communication gap

Although there were a lot of communication gaps between the teams, i.e. team India and team the US, no efforts were made to reduce the issues.

Nobody was taking part to solve the problems which led to an increase in the distance between the teams and overall affected the performance of the organization.

• Source issues

Bella Healthcare was aiming to sell the medicine at a low price but they had to import the medicine from the US which was costing them too much.

In the end, the cost of the product was 30% higher than its price in the market which resulted in the failure of the company policy.

Elements Needed to Consider before a Launching New Product

In order to penetrate the market successfully, some crucial steps must be followed. These will help the manufacturing company to get the results in a positive way.

• Market research

Before launching the product, a company needs to get an idea about the market like supplier and customer demand as well as the value of the item in that particular place.

This can be a helpful factor for the marketers as they will able to know about the people in the market and their interest regarding the products.

• Quality of the item

Quality is the most important element that increases the worth of the item and boosts the interest of customers for the product.

People prefer to purchase an expensive item with the high quality rather than a cheap product with low quality. So, there is no chance of compromising on product excellence.

• Experienced team

A good team can always be a plus point for the organization and its brand awareness. The reason is that they will have an idea of how they can promote the company in the right way.

Final Thoughts

The startup that Bella Healthcare took was incredible as they were selling their medicine at the lowest price in the market. Moreover, they had a team of experts that was helping them in making their campaigns successful.

However, the turn came at a time when there was a traditional barrier in the company and the employees were not ready to corporate here.

It was quite important for the company to train the employees to fill the skill gaps as it will be the gateway to achieving the lost place.