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Project Sulli Deals: Openly Auctioning Muslim Girls

Project Sulli Deals; Photos of hundreds of Muslim women were uploaded on an app called 'Sulli Deals' on 4th July. Since then people are giving

By Ground report
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Project Sulli Deals

Ground Report | New Delhi: Project Sulli Deals;  In a disturbing display of selective abuse targeting Muslim women Photos of hundreds were uploaded on an app called 'Sulli Deals' on 4th July. Since then people are giving their reactions on Twitter.

The website 'Sully Deals' was immediately taken down after the uproar, which does not give any reassurance to the matter. The fact that it continued with its targeted harassment and cyberbullying for a good twenty days is a cause for great concern.

Project Sulli Deals

It all came to the fore when a Twitter user named "K" came across the link to the website on the Internet and spread propaganda about it. Unfortunately, she is among the women mentioned and mentioned on the website.

Last Sunday, the app's feature or gitch users shared photos of several Muslim women on Twitter. The GitHub app was removed after protests and reports from several people.

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When the app opens, users will be asked to click on 'Find Your Sully of the Day'. When you click on it, you will get a picture of a Muslim woman named 'Sully of the Day' with information on the social media handle. App users can also share this on their social media pages. The app uses information that has been illegally collected from the social media accounts of many Muslim women.

Fatima Khan, a journalist, said that her pictures were also shared through the Zully Deals app. Fatima Khan also tweeted that there will be some punishment for the people who did this. Muslim men are beaten to death, Muslim women are harassed and sold online. They also tweeted when it would end.

Although the app was taken down a day later, many people shared screenshots on Twitter documenting the trauma suffered by the targeted women. There was also discussion about cybersecurity and religious targeting in the tweets and in the Twitter space.

What is GitHub?

GitHub, an open-source platform, allows users to create and share apps. But it is not clear who created the app called Sully Deals.  GitHub COO Erica Brescia tweeted that the app has been removed from GitHub. But the company has not made any official statement on the matter.

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As a hosting platform, GitHub, among other things, allows users to create apps under personal or administrative names. You are also allowed to share or sell these apps in the GitHub Marketplace. There is no clarity on who created the ‘Sulli Deals app.

Targeted Muslim women

Earlier this year, a similar YouTube channel targeted Muslim women in a live stream. At that time, photos and videos were taken from social media handles which were used to piece together highly derogatory and sexist commentary where minors were also sexually abused outright. This had a dire effect on the celebration of Eid across borders.

Images of the Eid celebrations were used to spread racial hatred. After posting a photo of the typical celebration live stream, the women were 'rated' and commented on their looks. The YouTube video also featured a Hindi description of "Today, we will follow women with lustful eyes." There were reports that YouTube was run by Ritesh Ja.

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