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Home ยป Principle Mamta Dixit was tortured for being Hindu, is this a half-truth?

Principle Mamta Dixit was tortured for being Hindu, is this a half-truth?

Principle Mamta Dixit was tortured for being Hindu, is this a half-truth?

Joy Harris Girls’ School Acting Principal Mamta Dixit alleged that Muslim female students, at the behest of the school’s Muslim teachers, wear hijabs and raise slogans that conspire against the principal, which was found to be prima facie false.

In the viral video, the principal is making all sorts of serious accusations against other teachers. Also, she is seen crying a lot in the video.

Speaking about the same, he said: “I request the CM to investigate this, otherwise, I will even sit in a sit-in protest before him. I want justice and action against the accused. I want security because they (the accused) are also plotting a conspiracy against me. I fear they will do something to me.


The viral video was telecast by mainstream News Channels without checking the other side of the same story. In its report said that these media outlets said that several Muslim teachers at the college had formed a group against Mamta and targeted her for being a Hindu by religion. Interestingly, the said Principal has named 3 Hindu teachers along with a Muslim teacher, but the mainstream media showed a half-truth.

Agra officials have debunked school principal Joy Harris’ claim that teachers at the institute have implemented hijab among students.

A team of officials visited the school and found no student wearing a hijab. This was after the school principal, Mamta Dixit, alleged that she was being harassed by Muslim staff and that a particular ideology was being spread among the students.

The officials also clarified that the ongoing fight between the principal and the teachers has nothing to do with religion and that the school management is investigating the matter.

Alt New a Fact-Checker website Co-founder Mohammed Zubair in a Twitter Thread said “There was this video of the principal of Smt Joy Harris Girls Inter College from Agra viral with a claim that she was harassed and mentally tortured for being a Hindu. She blamed several Muslim Teachers and students from the college”

Principle Mamta Dixit

Allegations found baseless

Agra district school inspector Manoj Kumar said “The matter was investigated & CCTV footage was checked. The allegations made are prima facie found to be baseless. The situation appears to have arisen due to mutual differences & seniority disputes between the teachers & principal”.

Principle Mamta Dixit

He further said, “Then the complaints escalated and a video of the director went viral. We will resolve this through a meeting with mgmt. As far as the burqa complaint is concerned, we looked at 2 days’ worth of footage, and I couldn’t establish said complaint”.


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